Hey there! I am a first year PhD student in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles. I am primarily being adviced by Prof. Kai-Wei Chang and Prof. Nanyun Peng. My research interests include multilinguality, dailogue systems, code-switching, and interpretability.

I recently graduated as a Masters student from Language Technologies Institute (LTI) at Carnegie Mellon University. There, I was advised by Prof. Alan W. Black and worked on topics like style transfer and code-switched dialogue systems. Previously, I received my undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science – from IIT Bombday. As part of my thesis, I worked on Language Modelling for code-switched language under the guidance of Prof. Preethi Jyothi.

Prior to my masters, I worked for a year in the Machine Learning team at Amazon. I have also interned at Goldman Sachs (Summer 2017), Philips (Summer 2016), Edelweiss (Winter 2015) and Sportz Interactive (Summer 2015).

In my free time, I like to write poetry (my blog). I love playing soccer and basketball too. I avidly follow NBA and root for Lakers.


Sept 2021:Started my PhD in Computer Science at UCLA
Aug 2021:Graduated as a Masters student in Language Technologies from CMU
Nov 2020:Presented our work on linguistic accommodation for code-switched dialogues at CoNLL '20 [paper]
Aug 2020:Represented CMU at the Alexa Socialbot Challenge 3 and reached the Semifinals.
Jul 2020:Our work on politeness transfer got featured in SCS CMU News, TechCrunch, CNET, Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, MSN, Hindustan Times, Axios
Jul 2020:Presented our work on politeness transfer at ACL '20 [paper]
May 2020:Reached the semifinals of the Alexa SocialBot Challenge 2020
Aug 2019:Joined the MLT program at LTI, CMU for Fall '19
Mar 2019:Our work on Named Entity Recognition in partially and noisy labelled setting got accepted at AMLC '19
Nov 2018:Presented our work on dual rnns to improve code-switched language models at EMNLP '18 [paper]
Sep 2018:Received the ISCA Student Grant
Sep 2018:Presented our work on dual language models to improve code-switched speech recognition at Interspeech '18 [paper]
Aug 2018:Graduated from IIT Bombay
Jul 2018:Started working as Applied Scientist at Amazon in the Machine Learning team
Dec 2017:Invited to Microsoft Research India to ideate and devlop Indian language technologies
May 2017:Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs
May 2016:Summer Internship at Philips Innovation Center
Dec 2015:Winter Internship at Edelweiss
Jul 2015:Secured branch change to Computer Science
May 2015:Summer Internship at Sportz Interactive
Jul 2014:Joined IIT Bombay